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Preparing Sucks

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Tis the night before our adventure, and all through my house...
We're frantically packing and running about...
The weight of our luggage, being carefully measured...
Wondering if all is prepared, for our great adventure!

...Its far too late for me to try being creative. So, forgive me if the above doesn't quite flow. After all, I'm preparing for the greatest adventure I've ever been on. An all expense paid trip to South Africa, compliments of Lion World Tours...
3 weeks of luxury and adventure travelling between Johannesburg and Cape town, with a stop or two in-between.

But, before all that can happen, I need to finish packing. Which, I might add, has taken 3 blasted days. The challenge for me was figuring out what to pack, for a 3wk period, with limited space, and a strict weight allowance.
Admittedly, I may be over thinking this. So, at this point I figure if I forgot anything either do without or buy it in Africa

Anyways, enough said for now. Tomorrow afternoon we fly over to New York, with an overnight stay.

Good night!

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Test blog Entry

This is a test to see if I can submit blog entries and pics through my phone.

If you are wondering why I sent a pic of my now, very empty fridge...? Its because I'm a little hungry, and I'm foraging for food.


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Home - Airport - NYC

As expected, Murphy dropped by today, to lay down some of his laws. Let's see, ripped carryon luggage, stripped search at the airport... and I still haven't eaten (see my last Blog entry).

At the very least, I'm grateful that we're finally on the plane :-) My goodbyes to all the important people have been made. At the same time, my work life is very quickly fading away...

During the flight, we had a chance to see the effects of Sandy from a birds eye view. With the sun down, we could compare the number of homes without power (see attached pic, kinda dark though). Needless to say, there were a lot of homes sitting in the dark, I wonder how all those people are coping?...Needless to say, I guess Tracy and I won't be partying in Manhattan, as originally planned.

Before I sign-off for the night, thought I'd send a special hello and 'good-night' to my little man, Kedan. I hope you enjoy reading this blog...
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Leaving North America...

New York is crippled... I don't mean that in a derogatory way. I simply mean that with all the hardships its faced recently, the infrastructure is gone. Shuttle service to and from airport, 2hr wait. Long line-ups at gas stations. Even Airline Captains are affected. I was chatting with a cabby, on our way to JFK airport this morning, and you could tell he was upset...

Anyways, this is it, we're heading out :-) leaving all this behind, as we embark on our grand adventure.

But, first, I'll have to survive this 16hr flight. I find it difficult to sleep on planes. So, I've got movies, books, and snacks ready. And I couldn't be dressed any more comfortably. We'll arrive in 'Joburg' approximately, 830am SA time. Which will make it around 130am, eastern standard time.

So, no more updates for now. Talk to you all later!

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Are We There Yet...?!

We finally arrived in Joburg this morning at approximately 800am. The day so far has been pretty low key, and I'm pretty tired. Fortunately, I've been making notes today, so feel free to take a look...

-3hrs into the flight, and all I could think of was this is the longest flight EVER. Which, technically for me, it is...Thankfully, all my gadgets appeared to come in very handy.
-The food was average, but sparse. Within an hour of take-off, we were served a pretty decent meal. That was about 1130am (est).
-However, we weren't served anything further until about 5pm (est). Where we expected dinner, we were served cold, plain sandwiches. Our next meal didn't arrive until about 12am, which would've been 7am SA time.
-So, note to self, never bored a plane, for a long flight, without packing some extra snacks!

- Lion World Tours arranged for our pickup and transfer to Michelangelo Hotel. Klaus was the name of our driver... Not to be mistaken with Santa Klaus (his joke, not mine).
-Despite his jokes (lol), he has very informative. He provided us the coles note history regarding the 'Rainbow Nation'
(ie.South Africa). For example, in townships, did u know that u pay for ur electricity, before you actually use it?!? Thus, people have to budget there usage every month. Also, one of the first acts of Mandela, when he came into power, was to give ownership of homes in townships to the people (for years they were renting, paying unfairly high rates).

-The hotel, and Nelson Mandela Sq., is nothing short of amazing. Our room, as you will see in the picks, are fantastic. The shops, restaurants, people, are open and friendly. As far as beginnings go, this is a great start.

Headed to the Blue Train, for a our 27hr journey to Cape Town.

Its, 11:15pm SA time right now, so I'm off to bed. Have to wake up for 5am.

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